July 25-26, 2023

Copper King Lounge, Student Union Building – Montana Tech, Butte, MT



Moderator: Jeff Parshley, MMSA Abandoned Mine Lands Committee Co-Chair

Session Objective: Discuss new developments in the approach to AML remediation, including progress on Good Sam legislation.

  • Welcome to Montana – MT AML Overview
    Matt Vincent, Executive Director, Montana Mining Association   Slides
  • Getting Good Sam Across the Finish Line
    Corey Fisher – Public Land Policy Director, Trout Unlimited.  Slides
  • Regeneration, Rethinking Mine Waste
    Stephen D’Esposito, President, Resolve

AGENCY INSIGHTS (10:30 AM – 12:15 PM)

Moderator: Jack McPartland, MMSA Abandoned Mine Lands Committee Co-Chair

Session Objective: Discuss Federal and state agency perspectives and resources for AML efforts.

  • Building inventories of mine waste and abandoned mine land features for the United States
    Jeffrey L. Mauk – Geology, Geophysics, and Geochemistry Science Center, U.S. Geological Survey. 
  • Synergy After BIL: The Implementation of §40704, the USDA Forest Service’s National Programmatic Strategy and Management of Abandoned Mine Lands on National Forest Systems lands
    Sarah Elizabeth Martinez – Geologist, National Abandoned Mine Lands Program Manager, USFS.  Slides
  • That’s Great, But How Are You Going to Fix It? Nevada AML Insight
    Rob Ghiglieri – Deputy Administrator, NV Division of Minerals.  Slides


Moderator: Jeremy Collard, MMSA Abandoned Mine Lands Committee

Session Objective: Examine how lessons learned by industry, land managers, conservation organizations, academia and other stakeholders can be leveraged for future success on legacy mine lands. Case studies in project planning, collaboration, site characterization, success monitoring and ongoing field research will be shared.

  • Garnet Gold Mine Area Reclamation Project
    William Howard George – Environmental Project Manager, Superfund, AML, and Construction Bureau Montana Department of Environmental Quality.  Slides
  • Abandoned Mines and Trout: TU Partnerships and Projects Restoring Western Montana Watersheds
    Casey Hackathorn – Upper Clark Fork Program Manager, Trout Unlimited.  Slides
  • The McClaren Tailings Project Delisting of Soda Butte Creek
    Marty Bennett – Senior Engineer/Project Manager, Pioneer Technical Services Inc.   Slides