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Who We Are

The Mining and Metallurgical Society of America is a non-profit association of mineral resource professionals whose members represent all facets of mining and metallurgical interests, both domestic and internationally.

MMSA is not a technical society or a lobbying organization.  Its membership is a diverse yet cohesive group of senior-level professionals and includes many of the industry’s best-known engineers, executives and experts.  Our membership includes:

  • Technical and engineering experts
  • Professionals from the finance sector as well as mineral economists
  • Corporate leaders and executives
  • University academics and educators
  • Permitting specialists
  • Government employees
  • Human resource specialists
  • Attorneys and legal advisors
  • Leaders of other industry-related organizations

The Society is dedicated to increasing public awareness and understanding about responsible mining and why mined materials are essential to modern society and human well-being.

MMSA is also dedicated to the improvement of the mineral industry’s business processes and transparency as well as the industry’s interaction with stakeholders and the industry’s ability to meet the current needs of the U.S. and global society.

What We Do

The Society concerns itself with fundamental principles and with the challenges facing the industry in such areas as legislation, economics and public education, as well as environmental and social concerns, the minerals supply chain and the need for competent minerals industry professionals.

Why What We Do Matters

MMSA believes the prosperity of our world is linked to a resilient industrial base.  The global challenges ahead will require bold action underpinned by a holistic materials and energy strategy that runs the gamut from mining to recycling to a balanced energy mix.  Minerals are critical to bringing about technological transformations today that will allow us to leave a positive legacy for future generations.  A well-trained, safe and healthy workforce, proficient technical professionals, competent industry leadership, transparent communication and interaction between all stakeholders and sound legislative policies are integral to the responsible production of minerals. 

We perceive one of our highest priorities to be that of increasing the level of public understanding of the importance of the mineral industry to human life. We believe this message needs to be delivered to both policy makers, the public and educators. In the public policy arena, we develop information that informs lawmakers of the importance of a vigorous mineral industry, and how the modern mining industry provides society with essential mined materials while protecting the environment during mining, closure, and reclamation. We believe decision makers must have this information in order to make sound policy decisions that affect mining.

On the educational front, we believe public attitudes are derived in large measure from prior and current educational experiences. We thus recognize the importance of providing teachers with useful, appealing, and accurate teaching materials. Our educational efforts help fund programs to improve public education about mining and minerals at all grade levels, from elementary school through university classes.