By: Ken Evans B.Sc., Ph.D., FIMMM, FRSC, C.Chem Consultant
June 28, 2024 – 1pm MT


The MMSA QP Enhancement Committee offers a series of webinars about a wide range of topics designed for the professionals working for mining companies and those involved in the preparation of studies and disclosure documents. The Webinars are also of interest to the legal, financial, management and academic sectors of the industry. The Webinars qualify for Continuing Professional Development credits for MMSA QPs.

Title: The First 100 Years of Aluminum: What Comes Next?


The changes in the aluminum industry in the last 20 years have been unprecedented; not just in terms of the technology, but with consolidations, plant closures, and the emergence of China and India as major players whilst the US and Europe have declined. Stability of countries which are the main sources of bauxite is a major issue this commodity faces.

This webinar will provide an overview of the technology required to process bauxite to the metal form of aluminum, as well as the key technical changes in the manufacturing route. The driving forces behind locations of production of bauxite, growth predictions for aluminum demand through 2050, and a review of past and current producers will be discussed. We will dive into the current production of bauxite, alumina, and aluminum, and how it has changed over the years, as well as the drastic changes since 2020. Finally, we will discuss the major issues the industry is facing, such as decarbonization, red mud/bauxite reside, availability of bauxite, how the industry and regions are approaching these issues, and what is next for the industry.

Bio: Ken Evans, Ph.D.

Ken Evans has a chemist B.Sc. and PhD from Manchester University in England.

Ken joined the Research Division of British Aluminum in 1971 and is effectively still working for the same entity. British Aluminum merged with Alcan and then was taken over by Rio Tinto. He has worked on cell chemistry of the electrolysis process to make aluminum, extraction of alumina from bauxite, production and uses of aluminum oxides and hydroxides, red mud management and uses amongst many other related areas.

Ken has held a wide variety of technical and management roles within Alcan/Rio Tinto from leading research groups, developing new products, acquiring new businesses, divestment of businesses, selling technology, closing and then remediating closed alumina plants/red mud sites. He is still doing work for Rio Tinto and the International Aluminum Institute, in addition to being involved in several EU funded projects on utilization of bauxite residue (the major waste from the industry – 165 million tonnes a year).

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