S‐K 1300 Simplified for Consultants

By Robert Cameron, Ph.D.

MMSA Webinar – Dec 11, 2020

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has published new disclosure requirements replacing Industry Guide 7 for Registrants engaged in mining operations. These new requirements are currently referred to as S‐K 1300 which will become mandatory for Registrants as of January 1, 2021. Dealing with the new regulations is not as overwhelming for consultants as they might initially appear. This webinar will outline the content of the new Technical Report Summary and a Registrant’s annual summary reporting which an outside technical consultant might be asked to provide technical expertise and assistance.


Dennis Ferrigno 01:51 PM ‐ Is there a requirement of a foreign company owning a property in the US; would they be required to file a SK1300 report? Clarification ‐ the question is for a foreign company privately held.

Keith Laskowski 01:54 PM ‐ any comments on royalty companies?

Dennis Ferrigno 01:56 PM ‐ Is the royalty company material even if they have a small percentage ownership in the property?

Bob Roe 01:57 PM ‐ I have one more Q: If a registrant has filed multiple years of reserves in its 10K’s, and has many years of operating experience at a mine, is a Tech Report Summary necessary?


From Tom Dyer to All Panelists: 01:24 PM ‐ Are the cash flows required to report pre‐ or after‐tax?

From Ta Li to All Panelists: 01:29 PM ‐ With the new amendments, did the qualification of the authors changed significantly?

From Art Ibrado to All Panelists: 01:45 PM ‐ So if my Company is the QP, there wouldn’t be a signature required on the report, ie. no need for someone to sign for the company?

From Fernando Rodrigues to All Panelists: 01:46 PM ‐ Dear Friends, it is important for everyone to know that the majority of the liability insurance that we all have excludes new SEC filings. Don’t assume that you have this insurance. SRK NA had to get additional liability SEC insurance and increased our insurance by a factor of 5 X. Great presentation

From Dennis Ferrigno to All Panelists: 01:50 PM ‐ Thank you Bob. Excellent Presentation

From Lewis Kleinhans to All Panelists: 01:55 PM ‐ Will there be a certificate substantiating participation in this seminar? Thank you.

From Youssef Daafi to All Panelists: 01:55 PM ‐ Great presentation, thank you very much in terms of precision, what precision to attribute to each category of resource?