Evaluating Critical Mineral Commodity Supply Chains

To help inform the public policy dialogue about the Nation’s reliance on imports of the critical minerals needed for the domestic manufacturing and technology sectors and to develop conventional and renewable energy infrastructure, the MMSA Government Committee has scheduled a Webinar for August 19, 2020, featuring Nedal Nassar of the U. S. Geological Survey. He is the principal author of the report: Evaluating the mineral commodity supply risk of the U.S. manufacturing sector; published in Science Advances, February 2020. Mr. Nassar will discuss the findings of the paper with a slide presentation, followed by an audience Q & A.

Amy Jacobsen asks ‐ When you say share of element produced in a country ‐ is that the raw mineral or final product (such as lithium processing in China)?

Anthony Staley asks ‐ When you are talking about the countries where the elements are produced, it is clear to see that China is the predominate producer of these minerals. Please comment on the countries where the production is primarily controlled by China (for example Cobalt production in DRC).

Ben Parrish asks ‐ Also ‐ you’re speaking to natural occurring disruptions to supply chains, are you now considering things like the current COVID‐19 pandemic?

Bill Wilson asks ‐ RE Status of China ownership of Molycorp versus USARare. New USA Rare Earth facility in Colorado.

From Stephen Quin to All Panelists: One additional screen to consider is where there is no substitution. Antimony, for example, has a very low economic factor but (by regulation) cannot manufacture that do not have flame retardant properties. So criticality can be a fraction of a cent in a dollar of manufacturing but stops whole process.

From Debbie Struhsacker to All Panelists: This is an excellent presentation with superb graphics. Dr. Nassar ‐‐ Thank you for sharing your expertise with us.

Stephen Riddle asks: Can you comment on the mineral graphite since listing supply is misleading since I believe the critical issue with graphite is lack of production of value added graphite anode material both in USA and Europe in which both Natural Graphite is one source of precursor along with petroleum Coke which is another source of precursor for synthetic Graphite anodes.

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