MMSA responds to the Interagency Working Group in response to the RFI: Request for Information to Inform Interagency Working Group on Mining Regulations, Laws, and Permitting. (FR Vol 87, No.62, pp. 18811-18812.)

MMSA offers a brief summary of the main issues related to potential changes to the U.S. Mining Law.

MMSA Letter to  Interagency Working Group.

The MMSA response includes sections on:

  • The Importance of Mining
  • Mining Claims vs Leases
  • Royalties on Mining on Public Lands
  • Financial Assurance
  • Environmental Protection and Best Practices
  • Streamlining Permitting
  • Community Engagement

The letter can also be downloaded from
Submissions from other mining organizations can be downloaded from the site.

Members of Congress sent a letter to the Dept. of Interior Secretary about the Interagency Working Group

 Bi-Partisan Letter from Congress

The letter proposes a series of principles to be followed when proposing new policies.