Friday, December 9, 2022 – 1pm MT QP ENHANCEMENT COMMITTEE

The MMSA QP Enhancement Committee offers a series of webinars about ESG designed for professionals working for mining companies. This webinar presents information about the evolution of ESG and its impacts on economic development in traditionally energy-producing states.

Ray Sheldon discusses how ESG is being applied today, some misperceptions about energy production and consumption, and how these perceptions impact public policies and state-level economic development. He also sharea some suggestions for natural resource advocacy across all stakeholder groups. This presentation has been adapted from an ESG, Ethics, and Reputation Management short course developed for SD Mines – Office of Professional Education and interactions with economic development professionals in North Dakota.

Ray Sheldon

A self-described “energy geek” Ray will present his insights from over 40 years of minerals and energy development. After growing up in western North Dakota, Ray has worked within the energy industry focused on what are now identified as ESG concerns since graduating from Montana’s School of Mines in 1982. Ray led the development of a DOE sponsored clean coal technology and an environmentally responsible coal-fired power plant in Montana. More recently he developed unit train rail terminals in North Dakota to help efficiently move crude oil from its Bakken field to coastal markets.

He has received an MBA from the University of Montana and recently his PhD from SD Mines with a focus on the relationships between mineral stakeholders, the public, and state level prosperity.


(Answered in the video)
Lee Pat Gochnour at 1:52 PM
Would you care to talk a little about how ESG Changes when things like Ukraine War situation pop up. Thanks, very informative and useful for future discussions.
Andrea Brickey
Thanks, Ray!

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