By: Emily Hendrickson, President

Women’s Mining Coalition

May 16, 2024 – 1pm MT


The MMSA Government Committee offers this Webinar to help members and others in the mining community navigate the difficult process of dealing with government agencies and legislators. The Committee tracks bills presented to Congress and other regulations that affect the mining industry. Another function of the Committee is to comment on legislation and collaborate with other mining organizations on matters of importance to the industry.

Title: “Effective Advocacy & Engagement: On Capitol Hill & In Your Community”


The mining industry in the United States is currently facing a challenging dichotomy between acknowledgement by governments and the public of the need for domestic mining in support of the energy transition and secure supply chains in a post-covid world, contrasted with a severe lack of understanding of how the modern mining industry operates in today’s regulatory and social landscapes. This presentation will discuss the crucial role that advocacy plays for the mining industry and how we can all actively engage our networks to change the face of mining. We will also discuss best practices for engaging with communities, Tribal Nations, elected officials, and other stakeholders, and how to “walk the walk” when the rubber meets the road of mine development and operation.

Bio: Emily Hendrickson

Emily Hendrickson is the President of the Women’s Mining Coalition, a grassroots organization focused on advocating for the United States’ modern mining industry by bringing constituents together from across the country to communicate with and educate policy makers since 1993. By day, Emily is the Manager, External Affairs U.S. for Integra Resources Corp., where she is focused on the successful development of gold and silver projects throughout the Great Basin of
the Western U.S. through meaningful stakeholder engagement, with particular emphasis on Environmental Justice communities and historically underrepresented stakeholder groups. Emily is a vocal advocate for responsible mining and believes that authentic partnerships between industry and stakeholders are vital to a more sustainable future for all.

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