MMSA Gold Medalists

Glen Barton

MMSA Gold Medal Recipient

Gold Medal: MMSA was happy and proud to award its prestigious Gold Medal to Glen Barton, retired chairman of Caterpillar Inc., during the Annual Meeting Dinner. In making the award, outgoing MMSA President Bob Schafer, commented that Glen is the first person from the equipment side of the mining business to be nominated for the Gold Medal.

He went on to say that “We recognize him tonight for his career as a fearless champion of the global mining industry.” Schafer called Barton “the Founder of Caterpillar’s mining business unit” and noted that “under his guidance and leadership, Cat expanded its presence in the mining industry, growing the business to nearly $4 billion.” At the same time, Schafer said, “Glen demonstrated his commitment to modern, socially conscientious mining by supplying the insight, financial backing, and executive support for the production of Common Ground, an educational film that provides a positive counterpoint to the public’s negative perceptions about mining.”

Common Ground was released in 1992. It has been distributed to more than 250,000 classrooms and shown to more than 10 million people around the world. Schafer said Barton’s integrity made him a clear choice for the Gold Medal Award. “At a time when CEOs are vilified for greed and arrogance, Glen Barton stands tall as a mining industry executive who can serve as a positive role model for those who aspire to be the future leaders in this noble industry.”