Since its inception in 1908, MMSA has offered guidance on policy issues ranging from protection of workers and investors to the responsible development of mineral resources on both private and public lands. MMSA was instrumental in the establishment of the former U.S. Bureau of Mines and continues to support legislation and efficient regulatory frameworks that will enable transparency, innovation and job creation without compromising environmental quality and the social license to operate.

MMSA sponsors public and regulatory educational outreach programs and events that address the responsible development of mineral resources. MMSA fosters collaboration by convening multi-stakeholder forums around timely complex issues such as Critical Minerals and its ongoing Abandoned Mine Land Summits.  Several informational webinar series covering a wide spectrum of topics are free to members and the general public.

Additionally, MMSA actively collaborates with other organizations in providing support for legislative reviews as well as preparing white papers and technical information that provides context for policymakers.

Critical Minerals and Supply Chain Webinar Series

Mineral and metal supply chains are critical to moving to a “green economy.”  The availability and supply stability of numerous critical minerals will dictate not only the economics and efficiency in meeting the materials requirements of this new economic structure, but also national security.  MMSA has hosted several webinars on this important topic ranging from supply chain evaluation to the effect of permitting delays.

Environmental/Social/Government Webinar Series

Through a series of webinars, MMSA has taken a look at numerous aspects of the ESG issues affecting the mining industry.  Topics have ranged from an overall view of ESG to focused panels discussing specifically social issues and environmental best practices and U.S. Indian law.

Holistic Materials Strategy

MMSA supports a Holistic Materials Strategy that will strengthen vulnerable critical supply chains to maintain U.S competitiveness. Domestic sourcing of raw materials that are mined, processed, smelted, or recycled in the U.S. must be supported by a sensible and effective regulatory framework. MMSA members collectively are available to provide technical information and context to policymakers and other interested parties who recognize that Made in America must include materials responsibly Mined in America, Processed in America, and Recycled in America.

Collaboration with Other Organizations

MMSA actively collaborates with other organizations to provide input or to prepare position papers on a variety of topics.  These organizations include state mining associations, other mining-related societies and other groups such as the Women’s Mining Coalition.  MMSA regularly sponsors the Women’s Mining Coalition Fly-in to Washington D.C.

Abandoned Mine Land Summits

In collaboration with Trout Unlimited, the Colorado School of Mines, and the University of Nevada Reno, MMSA has established an ongoing series of free public symposiums where industry, non-governmental organizations, universities, and regulators can explore solutions to improve landscapes impacted by abandoned mine lands (AML). This growing coalition is bound by a common vision to improve abandoned mines across the U.S. that will simultaneously benefit watersheds, wildlife, and communities.