Qualified Professional Program

MMSA is a Recognized Overseas Professional Organization (ROPO) by all Provinces in Canada (NI 43-101), AusIMM in Australia (JORC Code) and SAIMM in South Africa (SAMREC Code) for the public reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves.

Each of these organizations is a member of the Committee for Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standards (CRIRSCO).  CRIRSCO was formed in 1994 with purpose of developing and standardizing the mineral reporting codes and guidelines used on the numerous global stock exchanges.  Today, nearly 80% of mining company capital is listed on the various global stock exchanges that recognize the CRIRSCO template.  The purpose of the CRIRSCO template is, in part, is the timely disclosure of material information in a clear, concise and effective manner for mineral projects at all stages of development.  This standard is designed to prevent investors from making investments based on fraudulent or misleading information.

The technical reports presented by companies listed on the stock exchanges which adhere to the CRIRSCO guidelines must be prepared by Qualified Professionals (QPs) with appropriate technical experience and knowledge.  MMSA provides a Qualified Professional program allowing our members to prepare these reports.

Membership with the International Mineral Valuation Committee(IMVAL)

MMSA is a Mineral Value Organization (MVO) with IMVAL whose mission is the harmonization of international mineral valuation codes and standards which provides a globally consistent and transparent framework for mineral property valuations (known as the IVS Code). IMVAL is a similar organization to CRIRSCO with the objective of providing a clear, concise and effective platform for determining the value of mineral properties for investment decisions.  Once again, this consistency provides a level of protection for investors by ensuring that valuations are prepared on the basic principles of materiality, transparency, objectivity, independence and reasonableness.

In keeping with our organizational objectives, MMSA and its Qualified Professionals have agreed to adopt the use of the IVS Code for mineral property valuations and appraisals with additional guidance from the adopted IMVAL template except when jurisdictional matters override.

Improvement of Due Diligence Process Webinar Conference

Technical due diligence is a critical part of the investment process for both debt and equity investors in mining projects.  Continuous improvement of the technical due diligence process is a key issue for the minerals industry as a whole. With an increasingly diverse population of buyers, investors and lenders, and markets fueling demand for growth in the industry, it is critical for the mining industry to perform high quality due diligence that can support groups to make measured and informed decisions with respect to their investment or financing.  MMSA put on a webinar regarding this topic with several panelists and the participants were able to contribute through breakout groups.  Other webinars and presentations are expected in the future.