MMSA supports mineral industry professionals through professional development programs.  MMSA also recognizes the need for recruitment and retention of the next generation of technical professionals through contributions to education programs, undergraduate and graduate scholarships and a Professional Mentoring program, which is a collaborative effort with other mining organizations.

QP Program Continuing Education Webinars

In support of the QP membership as well as other interested parties, MMSA offers free webinars addressing relevant topics to QPs.  Recent webinars have included topics such as the Canadian National Instrument 43-101 and the U.S. SEC adoption of the SK-1300 regulations and replacement of the Industry Guide 7 for mining property disclosure requirements.

MMSA-SMEF Presidential Scholarship

MMSA and the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration Foundation (SMEF) offer significant scholarships (the MMSA-SMEF Presidential Scholarship) on an annual basis to outstanding graduate and undergraduate students whose study program encompasses any aspect of the extractive minerals industry. This prestigious scholarship is offered to encourage students to enter the minerals industry as contributing professionals.

Jackling Fund and Education Foundation Donations

MMSA annually donates to public awareness and education programs that meet MMSA’s objectives.  In particular, MMSA supports SME Mineral Education Coalition (MEC) program.  This program provides educational materials, interactive programs and important resources for K-12 students and strives to spark interest in careers in the minerals industry.  MMSA also supports the Colorado Mining Association Education Foundation.  This foundation provides educational opportunities to K-12 teachers regarding the importance of our nation’s modern mining and minerals industry.

The purpose of the Jackling Fund is to provide funds to be used in “research work connected with mining and metallurgy, in the establishment of scholarships, chairs or professorships in connection with the study of Mining and Metallurgy in institutions of learning, for the making of awards of honor or merit, and/or for the purpose of  societies or institutions in the advancement of mining, metallurgical and general sciences.”  The purpose of the MMSA Education Foundation is to support activities that promote the public education of the importance of minerals to today’s society.

Interested in applying for a donation from MMSA for a minerals industry-related cause that meets MMSA’s objectives?  Send a request to ​. MMSA reviews requests on an annual basis and awards donations by December 31st, 2022.  

Professional Mentoring Pilot Program

MMSA has initiated a pilot program for the implementation of a professional mentoring program through a team effort with the SME Young Leaders Committee. The objective of this program is to provide professional mentoring opportunities for persons who are generally in their early to mid-career.  These professionals are no longer trying to understand the basics of their jobs, but are in positions of responsibility or in a place where they are looking to determine the course of their remaining career lives.