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About Membership

Statement of Ethics

Ethics Compliance Statement for QP Members
“I have not had a certification, license, professional society membership, or similar
qualification sanctioned, impaired, limited, suspended, or terminated for ethical or
disciplinary reasons nor have I resigned from or given up such designation in settlement of
proposed or disciplinary proceedings.”

MMSA Ethical Guidelines

Information for
Regular and Qualified Professional Membership Classes

MMSA has always been a cohesive group of senior people from the mineral industry. The Society is dedicated to increasing public awareness and understanding about mining and why mined materials are essential to modern society and human well being. MMSA members are satisfied to know they are doing something worthwhile for the mineral industry and their profession. 

MMSA welcomes new members who meet the qualifications, have made contributions to the mining industry, and have a proven professional background. Prospective members may apply as a Regular Member or as a Qualified Professional Member.

The class of membership, known as Qualified Professional, or QP Member is a further enhancement and service offered to the Mining Industry and is available to current and new members.  This membership class will authorize a QP member to “review, approve and certify; technical or scientific reports and disclosures for public or regulatory purposes.”  The QP pledges to uphold the ethical standards of the Society.

How to Apply

Professionals who feel that they have something to offer MMSA and the Mining Industry are invited to apply for membership. The Information and FAQ for prospective members provides additional information about the Member and QP Member application and approval process.

The first step in the process to become either a Member and/or a Qualified Professional Member is to fill out and submit an application form. Qualified individuals may apply for either class of membership, simultaneously. Select the appropriate form from the menu on the right.

  • A Prospective Member, applying for Regular and QP membership, must first be admitted as a Regular Member by the Regular Membership Committee, before that individual’s application will be passed on to the QP Membership Committee. To apply for both types of membership, fill out and submit both the Regular Membership form and the QP Membership form. You can apply to be a Regular Member without applying for QP membership.

  • Regular members in good standing may apply for recognition as a QP Member. To apply for QP Membership, fill out and submit the QP application form.

  • A QP Member may revert back to Regular Member status by simply informing the administrator, as long as he continues to be a member in good standing.

More Information

Presentation  - MMSA President, Bob Schafer, introduces the concept of Qualified Professionals and what MMSA is doing to certify members.

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Prospective Member Application

Apply for QP Classification

Application for Qualified Professional (QP)  Membership

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Frequently Asked Questions about Membership


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