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Centennial Celebration Dinner

On Monday, February 25, the Centennial Celebration was held at the Hyatt in Salt Lake City.  We filled our quota for the dinner—130 members and guests showed up. The dinner was fantastic. Doug Silver did a great job as Master of Ceremonies. We all enjoyed his pithy comments about selected individuals—his trademark.

Two highlights of the evening:

The showing of the video created by Stan Dempsey and Paul Jones was shown and was very well received.  They worked on the video for months and produced a product that will be enjoyed for years. It is a testament to MMSA accomplishments in its first century. The theme of the celebration was “A time to reflect and a vision for the future.”

Alan Burton retired as Executive Director of MMSA and was given recognition for his excellent work for the past 10 years.  He was given a plaque and a Prazen statue and a wonderful tribute by Bob Washnock, President.  Alan was surprised, but still gave a very articulate appreciation for all the support given to him over the years.

Everyone who came to the dinner received a copy of the history book, a wine glass with the MMSA logo, and the specially minted Silver and Gold Centennial medallion.  These items are available for purchase for anyone who wants more and for those who could not make it to the dinner. See page 4 of this newsletter for details.  The history book is free.

After dinner dancing kept some people around. We had plenty of compliments on the evening’s festivities. The feeling was one of excitement and a positive future for MMSA.

Centennial Memorabilia Available!

To order Wine 
Glasses, Medallions 
or the history book, send an email to: stating what you want, and we will respond with a quote for the cost.

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