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Minerals For A Green Society Conference

February 4, 2010

Summaries of talks and slides



The Mining and Metallurgical Society of America has established a series of conferences in collaboration with the Colorado School of Mines and other organizations to address the issue of cleaning up Abandoned Mine Lands (AML).

  • The Purpose of the Summits is to: Discuss and promote the passage of necessary liability protection from applicable environmental laws that advance closure and remediation of the identified pilot/demonstration projects.
  • The Summit’s Outcomes are to:  Increase the diverse coalition of stakeholders working to advance pilot/demonstration projects focused through Good Samaritan legislation that enhances/advances AML reclamation

Details from the AML summits and conferences are available below.

Legacy AML -- Advancing AML -- Good Sam Protection

Legacy Abandoned Mine Lands - Progress and Plans

April 19, 2021

Panel Discussion Presenters

Perpetua Resources (formally Midas Gold). Critical Resources; Responsible Mining; Environmental Restoration; Administrative Settlement Agreement and Order on Consent (ASAOC). Summary of their recently negotiated process with EPA.
Presenters: Austin Zinsser, Laurel Sayer, Michael Bogert
Slides -- Video

Trout Unlimited - 2020 update and 2021 Outlook from a Good Sam Perspective.
Presenter: Jason Willis, P.E. TU-CO AML Program Manager.
Slides -- Video

The Nature Conservancy – Mining the Sun. Discussions regarding identified Nevada Legacy sites for possible renewable energy deployments.
Presenter: Jaina Moan
Slides -- Video

New Technology: Using Spent Brewery Grain to Suppress Acid Rock Drainage from Historic Tailings.
Presenters: James Gusek, Tahne Corcutt (B2C), and Lee Josselyn

Closing questions and discussion. Video coming soon

Chat and Questions


The summit was held at the Circus Circus Reno hotel
in Reno, Nevada on April 9, 2019
In Partnership with The University of Nevada Reno, Trout Unlimited, and Colorado School of Mines

AML Partners

Conference Program with Speaker List

Conference Announcement

Conference Report

Slide Presentations

April 2018 Summit:
Good Samaritan Protection to Enhance
Abandoned Mine Land Cleanup - Finding a Path Forward

The April 2018 Summit was held at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. It was attended by over 110 people from a variety of disciplines. A full report of the April 2018 summit is available here.

2019 AML

The conference was held on April 9, 2019.


Other Links related to AML cleanup.

PERC: Cleaning Up Mining Waste

Why Punish People Who Try to Clean Up Pollution?

Gardner-Tipton Good Sam Bill Solution for $50B problem

S. 3727 — 115th Congress: Good Samaritan Remediation of Orphan Hardrock Mines Act of 2018. (Note: the bill was proposed but not enacted so has been cleared from the books.)



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